Partner Map Viewer

Partner Map Viewer provides fast and accurate access to your maps and data. Serving as the foundation for Partner’s suite of software applications, Partner Map Viewer is the core component of your Partner system.

Viewing Your Maps

Partner’s easy-to-use Map Viewer geographically displays your distribution system while providing access to the data associated with it. Partner merges information from various sources with your mapping data to produce your unique Partner map. These sources may include but are not limited to: customer service, accounting, and/or engineering.


Your organization selects whatever it considers useful. To view your data, simply select the item in your Partner Map. Use it on your office desktop or in the field on a Windows or iOS device, no persistent network connection required.


Partner can also display pure raster imagery such as USGS quadrangles, topographic layers, or aerial photography.

Finding Your Data

Locate any map item using Partner’s Find feature. Choose a search category and enter a few characters to get a list of matching items. Continue entering characters to narrow the list. Click an item in the data pane and it highlights the item allowing you to zoom in on that item. The associated data automatically displays in the Data tab.

Building Your Maps

Partner Map Viewer comes with and is maintained by an associated application called Map Publisher. It configures, integrates, and converts your data to produce your map. Map Publisher translates data from WindMil ASCII exports, ESRI shapefiles, ESRI personal and file geodatabases, Autodesk DXF files, GE Smallworld-based mapping systems, and U.S. Census TIGER files. It can also translate data from unconventional files whose records contain coordinates.


A tremendous amount of your organization’s data can be integrated and simply presented on your Partner map. The data files (e.g., billing, customer service, or meter department) must share a common field with your mapping system (GIS) data. Partner accepts data for merging from ODBC-compliant databases, delimited or fixed text files, DBF, and XML files.


You control the content and legend of your map. You select the content you want to appear over various scale regions and the symbols that represent different items.

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