Field Design

Partner Software has been a leading provider of staking and design
software to the electric cooperative market for close to twenty years.

Our Field Design application offers unmatched ease-of-use to staking and field technicians by way of an intuitive mapping platform that draws on top of your organization’s existing spatial data within the Partner Map Viewer


Field Design is not only a software application but a focused and designed workflow. We offer our users the chance for immediate buy-in as they build their system from the ground up with Partner’s certified and experienced technicians.


With your utilities circuit model/electrical network as source, add new sections to your feeders as extensions or new services. Stake existing locations and assets not currently stored in your GIS mapping system. Retire assets that are to be physically removed in your system while maintaining that change through to GIS and mapping. With the option of using GPS devices for high accuracy point collection, know that your work will be close to point and your GIS maps spatially correct from out of the Partner system. Regardless of any staking need, Field Design has the tools to accomplish your staking goals with the added benefit of to-the-day updated back ground maps from your GIS system once staking projects are complete.


Field Design continues on from a staking tool and picks up as a work order tracking system for your entire organization. Jobs that are staked by field technicians get passed back to an easy to use web interface termed the “Partner Web”. Here, administrative demands become evident as jobs need to be tracked through their process to completion. Give all the needed departments access to your open work orders/jobs for approval and tracking as they move to the material/warehouse phase, through construction and the finished posting to GIS.  


In the age of data sharing, Field Design would be little without the proper integration to necessary third parties. By complying with MultiSpeak standards and web services, Partner allows for integration possibilities with your chosen vendors, giving you the ability to put systems in tandem that work best for your organization’s needs. Field Design is mainly concerned with two points of integration. First the accounting/billing/inventory system for passing open work order data (via defined fields) into Partner and through to your staking technicians. Once jobs are staked, Partner then returns staked location data and assembly units to the accounting system for maintaining proper inventory and assets used. The second integration eliminates redundant data entry. Once jobs are built and work orders closed, the staking-to-GIS integration commits the designs directly to GIS without the need for redrawing.


Partner’s Field Design package stands to be your field staking solution, with paperless workflows and multi-department access. The ability to easily design jobs and control data flow is what has made us the chosen staking solution for well over one hundred electric utilities. Let Partner become the added efficiency at your organization, and stake it easy.

Field Design Allows You To

Access Data

Access mapping and spatial data required for staking and design, including aerial photography

Have background data populate and influence a staking job

Get clear footage and angle measurements of locations for accurate measurements to construction and pole assembly selection (unit angle requirements)

Easily import GPS data and previously collected points

Make relevant attachments to jobs such as pictures or documents

Field Staking in Partner Viewer

Have a defined units list and easy assembly selection

Associate assembly units and design templates for staking pre-build locations

Easily perform actions for staking existing assets, retirements, and change-outs

Generate staking sheets and other reports directly in the Field Design application for storage in the Partner Hub/Partner Web

Seamless Project Management
(Partner Web)

Assigned jobs flow directly to staker’s device

If integrated with 3rd party systems, serves as landing pad for Work Order information

Pre-defined queries drive work order to necessary departments at your organization

Allows administration to view and approve jobs as they move

Historical point of record for all staking sheets, attachments, and reports

Partner - Field Design Icon 1 - Structural Design and Analysis [8.11.17]

Structural Design and Analysis

For structural design and analysis, Partner can send jobs to both SPIDA™Calc and AutoDesk AUD™ for all linear and non-linear engineering (line and pole) validation. At the center of this validation sits Spatial Business Solutions™ (SBS), who offer an “Engineering Module” for passing staked designs for analysis in these third party systems.

Staker Proposed Jobs Mapset

This Field Design feature adds five additional mapsets to your Partner Viewer, and allows for a Map Publisher administrator to select (sql) jobs based on specific criteria, assign to one of the five mapsets and publish. First, this gives everyone at your organization a full view of ongoing jobs within your system before they are committed to GIS and in-turn your Partner circuit model. Secondly, since this layer can be expanded on, just as the background circuit model, stakers have the ability to expand designs from jobs (work orders) that may stay open for longer periods of time such as a residential subdivision design. Additional taps will inherit proposed locations and units while maintaining “connectivity” back to the original takeoff location of the background model.

Partner - Field Design Icon 2 - Staker Proposed Jobs Mapset [8.11.17]
Partner - Field Design Icon 3 - Field Cost Design [8.11.17]

Field Cost Estimate

Would you like your crews to be able to pull up an estimate for a job from the field? If so, the Basic Field Cost Estimate includes New Material, Retired Material, New Labor and Retired Labor at fixed rates that are defined by the utility. The report itself is generated right along with your staking sheet and other reports. If additional variables are required for costing, then Partner can scope as needed.

Material Explosion and Report

Partner typically handles staking/design units at the assembly level only. Meaning, we send a single pole-top assembly unit across to certain systems of record who maintain the full inventory and Work Order data. If your organization does not have a proper work order management system (inventory and billing), then Partner can handle material level units for both staking and reporting purposes.

Partner - Field Design Icon 4 - Material Explosion and Report [8.11.17]
Partner - Field Design Icon 5 - Automated Variable Validation [8.11.17]

Automated Variable Validation

Unit variables are treated as attributes to each unit, and may be required by certain work order management systems for pairing material to assembly units after they are staked. If this applies to your organization, this feature allows for those variables to be automatically populated during the design phase. This can greatly speed up the design process and guarantee that staked units carry the necessary data needed by other departments and vendors.

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